Types of Outdoor Advertising: How To Find Out Which Works Best for You

Outdoor advertising is an effective way of reaching your target market and catching the attention of passersby. However, it can be difficult to determine what would work best for you. This is especially if you’re not familiar with outdoor advertising. In this article, we will explore some of the most common types of outdoor advertising. Keep reading to learn how you might be able to use each type for your company.


Billboards are a type of outdoor advertising that is often used to promote products or services. They are typically large signs placed in strategic locations, such as along busy highways. Billboards can be very effective in reaching a large audience, but they can also be very expensive. In recent years, many billboard companies have started incorporating video advertising into their offerings. This involves equipping the billboards with large LED or LCD screens that can display video content. Video advertising on billboards can be particularly eye-catching and engaging for viewers, as it allows for more dynamic and visually appealing advertisements. To create video advertisements for billboards, companies typically work with Video Production companies. These companies specialize in creating high-quality video content for various advertising mediums, including billboards, television commercials, and online videos.

Lamp Post Advertising

Lamp post advertising is a type of outdoor advertising that involves placing advertisements on lamp posts. This form of advertising is effective because it allows businesses to reach a wide audience with their message. Additionally, lamp post advertising is relatively low cost. This makes it a good option for businesses on a tight budget.

Bridge Advertising

Bridge advertising is a type of outdoor advertising that involves the placement of ads on bridges or other structures. Bridge ads are usually placed on busy highways or other high-traffic areas to reach a large number of people. This type of advertising can be very effective in reaching a wide audience, but it can also be very expensive.

Guerilla Advertising

Guerilla advertising as a type of outdoor advertising is a very effective way to get your message out there. It involves using creative and often unexpected methods to grab people’s attention and get them to take notice of your product or service. This type of advertising can be very successful in generating word-of-mouth buzz and driving up sales. However, it can also be very costly and time-consuming to plan and execute a successful guerilla advertising campaign.

Point of Sale Displays

Point of sale displays, also known as POP displays, is a type of outdoor advertising. You can find them in retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses.POP displays are an effective way to promote products and increase brand awareness. You can use them to draw attention to special sales or promotions. Also, you can customize them to fit the needs of any business. They are a cost-efficient way to reach potential customers. They can help businesses increase sales and profits.

Transit Advertising

Transit advertising is a type of outdoor advertising that uses buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation to deliver ads to consumers. This type of advertising is often seen as more effective than other forms of outdoor advertising, such as billboards. This is because it reaches a large number of people in a short amount of time. You can use transit advertising to promote products, services, or events. Additionally, transit advertising is often more affordable than other types of outdoor advertising.

Bus Shelters

Bus shelters are a type of outdoor advertising that you can find in many cities and towns. They are often located near bus stops and bus lines, and they can be a great way to reach potential customers. You can use bus shelters to advertise businesses, products, and services. You can also use them to promote events or to provide information about local attractions.

Advertising Bench

An advertising bench is a type of outdoor advertising that is usually placed in a public space, such as a park or downtown area. The bench is usually sponsored by a company or organization and has the name and/or logo of the sponsor on it. Advertising benches can be a great way to get your brand name out there, especially if you sponsor a bench in a busy area.

Wayfinding signage

Wayfinding signage can be considered a form of outdoor advertisement, albeit with a specific focus on providing directional guidance rather than promoting products or services. These signs are strategically placed in outdoor spaces such as streets, parks, campuses, airports, and shopping centers to assist pedestrians or drivers in navigating their surroundings efficiently.

While traditional outdoor advertisements aim to capture attention and promote brand awareness, wayfinding signage serves a more practical purpose by helping individuals find their way from one location to another. However, this does not mean that wayfinding signage is devoid of advertising elements altogether. In some cases, organizations may incorporate branding elements, logos, or colors into their wayfinding signage to maintain consistency with their overall brand identity.

Moreover, the design and placement of wayfinding signage can indirectly influence individuals’ perceptions of a particular area or establishment. Clear, well-designed signage can enhance the overall user experience, making people more likely to visit or return to a location in the future. Conversely, poor signage can lead to confusion, frustration, and a negative impression of the environment.

Street Marketing

Street marketing is a type of outdoor advertising that uses the street as a canvas to promote products or services. This marketing tactic is often used to generate buzz or create an experiential marketing campaign. Street marketing can take many forms, such as handing out flyers, chalk art, performing street theater, or even setting up a temporary store. It is often associated with small businesses or start-ups. But companies of all sizes can use it to reach new customers and build brand awareness. When done well, street marketing can be an effective and affordable way to reach a target audience.

Retail Advertising

You can use retail advertising to promote sales, special offers, and new products. Just like many other retail stores, you can invest in various display supplies and use them to showcase your offers and new collections. This will draw customers to your store, increasing foot traffic and potentially boosting your sales.

Stunt Advertising

Stunt advertising is a type of outdoor advertising that uses physical stunts to grab attention and promote a product or service. This can be anything from a simple street performance to a more elaborate and dangerous stunt. While stunt advertising can be very effective, it is also very risky and can often backfire if not executed properly.

Digital Signs

Digital signage is a type of outdoor advertising that uses electronic displays to show information. They are often used to display advertising messages. They can also provide directions and other information to passersby. They are becoming increasingly popular and they are usually located in airports, shopping malls, and stadiums. Digital signs are more eye-catching than traditional billboards and you can update them in real-time. For businesses, this means that they can change their message quickly and easily to respond to current events or promote special offers. A few examples of this would be screens with LED displays, interactive kiosks, LCD screens, cinema advertising etc. This mode of advertising is potent as it has the capacity to reach a huge number of people at once, given that it is set in a public setting.

Digital signage is also more interactive than other forms of outdoor advertising. This can also help to engage potential customers.

Outdoor Sign

An outdoor sign is a type of outdoor advertising that can capture the attention of passersby and encourage them to take action. Common outdoor sign materials include vinyl, canvas, and aluminum. You can place outdoor signs just about anywhere. But they are most commonly found on busy streets and in highly trafficked areas. Outdoor signs are an effective way to promote businesses, events, and products. You can customize them to fit any budget.

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