Top Things To Do In Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is a beautiful city that is a great option for a vacation if you enjoy warm weather and ocean views. In addition to what nature has to offer in the area, there is a great deal that the city has that you can enjoy and stay busy during all hours of the day. If you have never been there before then you must take the time to check out a few of the top destinations listed here.

The absolute must see destination is known as The Battery. You should expect to spend a couple hours to a half day taking the time to take in the views at this location. There you will find a shoreline of mansions that are truly so beautiful they appear to be out of a painting.

You will see other tourists enjoying the neighborhood as well, likely even taking pictures. It is really like an image from a magazine. While you are there, be sure to make a stop at White Point Gardens. It is a location that is full of civil war artifacts and memorabilia. If you decide to make the venture you will definitely want to walk if it is feasible. There are very few parking options and frankly it is best enjoyed on foot.

Thanks to the beautiful coastlines along the city of Charleston there is a great deal to do on the water. One of the favorites of visitors is to take one of the many boat tours offered. You will be able to see the city from a different view and you may even get a dolphin sighting in the mean time.

Finally, Sullivan’s Island is also a must see destination. It is a relatively small island just off the coast, but its beach lines are absolutely breathtaking. If you are visiting during the summer and wish to enjoy the ocean this is where you should invest your beach time. Its beauty rivals some of the most popular beaches in the world.

When visiting Charleston, South Carolina you will have the opportunity to see amazing beauty both given by nature and built by humans through the last few hundred years. The key is to take the time to explore and absorb what exists around you. There is far more to see and do than you ever could fit in to just one visit.